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An update from the K41 Community Fund:


It has been over 100 days of war in Ukraine. In these three months we, as many other Ukrainians, had to face our greatest challenges as a team and as individuals, while putting our best efforts forward to support and protect our community.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our cause, be it by donating, raising awareness, helping people affected by the war, or supporting Ukrainian culture.

The support we have received has been overwhelming. So far, we’ve been able to sustain the needs of our community members who are defending Ukraine, volunteering, or whose family and loved ones are at the frontline. The K41 Community Fund helps with purchasing armor, equipment and ammunition for individuals and battalions.

We also have:
- fully financially and operationally supported and organized a 24/7 shelter in Kyiv, which housed and sustained 100 people for 2 months;
- provided financial assistance to cover living/rental costs for people who lost their income due to war;
- financially supported Ukrainian artists, who were not able to make a living due to war;
- provided financial support to cover transportation and living expenses of displaced people;
- provided 11500€ as direct help to 750 people, who reached out to us via the HelpBot.

Since its initiation in March, the K41 Community Fund also continuously supports the following volunteer initiatives by members of our community:
- Help Front UA – an organization purchasing cars for evacuation of people and transportation of humanitarian goods;
- Kyiv Angels – an initiative engaged in delivering humanitarian aid to people in Kyiv and in Ukrainian regions affected by war;
- Art52 cafe – an initiative cooking and delivering food for civilians, military personnel and hospitals, now in collaboration with World Central Kitchen (over 500 meals daily);
- ITshelter – an organization providing food supplies for military and hospitals, helping children and supporting a shelter for displaced people;

Despite all our efforts, the war is not over. russia is commiting inhumane crimes in Ukraine every day: russian soldiers are still raping Ukrainian women and children, murdering Ukrainian people, and destroying Ukrainian cities. We tend to get desensitized to violence very quickly, but we cannot allow this war to become a new mundane reality. Help is still needed.

Sadly, the attention of the world to the war in Ukraine is decreasing, but the suffering of people has only been increasing. Right now, many people are not able to afford rent and food. At the same time, prices are growing due to inflation. The K41 Community Fund continues its work, and we ask you to keep supporting us. Your donations make a real difference. Please keep donating if you can, and help us to share this message.

With donations we receive from now onwards, we will continue supporting various volunteer initiatives, as well as provide support to artists and people from the cultural sector, who are currently in crisis due to the russian military aggression.

Glory to Ukraine!

Urgent help for the Ukrainian creative community in need!


On February 24 russia invaded Ukraine. Since then the Russian military hasn't stopped destroying Ukrainian cities and shattering the lives of millions of people, whose world will never be the same again. During the last two years, we, the ∄ team, have been working on building up a safer space, which has become a place of refuge for thousands of people from all around the world, a place of culture, music and art with the values of love, respect and mutual support at its very core.

In this moment of unprecedented crisis we are doing everything in our power to help members of our community, artists and more than 150 employees of ∄, whose livelihood is in jeopardy: support them financially, help them find a safe place in Ukraine or abroad, help them cross the border, enable them to receive humanitarian, legal and psychological aid.

Today our team is all over Europe: some stayed in Kyiv, some are now in other cities in Ukraine, some have escaped abroad. Regardless of the distance between us, we all keep on working: some of our employees have joined the Territorial Defense Forces, some are volunteering in cities and some are helping from afar. We developed the '∄ Help' telegram bot (​​@k41_help_bot) aimed to allow our community to reach us with requests regarding evacuation within Ukraine, evacuation abroad, financial support and shelter. We are also working on informing the public about the situation in Ukraine, and communicating with media partners and other institutions.

We sincerely believe that there will soon be a time when we will be able to resume our work. In the meantime, we ask for your help to support our community and ensure that this future is possible.

Aim of this project:
About this project:

A project initiated by the team of the Kyiv based cultural institution ∄ with the aim to provide financial, humanitarian and logistical support to the musical and cultural community that has been facing life-threatening challenges since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

About ∄:

∄ is a Kyiv based cultural institution and safer space founded in November 2019. ∄ organizes a variety of cultural, artistic and educational events (parties, concerts, exhibitions, public panels, lectures, etc). ∄ is located in an old brewery building at the address Kyrylivska St, 41. ∄ consists of a club space, a concert hall, a gallery space and a public lecture space, which also hosts a music school, Module Exchange.

Side projects:

Standard Deviation 
Multidisciplinary label working on the intersection of music, art, and publishing, aiming to foster collaborative exchange between an aspiring Ukrainian scene and the global community.

A new queer multi-event format which takes place on Fridays on a seasonal basis at ∄.

Press about ∄:

We Are Europe
i-D Magazine
Kyiv Post
Don’t Take Fake


Standard Deviation has joined forces with Mystictrax —a Ukrainian label run by Lostlojic, for our most important release: РАЗОМ ЗА УКРАЇНУ / TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE — a compilation by 65 Ukrainian and International artists to be sold exclusively via Bandcamp. 

Bandcamp link https://standard-deviation.bandcamp.com/album/together-for-ukraine

About our cooperation with FONDAMENT:

Together with the organization FONDAMENT, we have set up a protection fund to help people in need and on the run. FONDAMENT is a German non-profit GmbH that pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes, i.e. FONDAMENT is selfless and does not pursue any commercial purposes. The donations collected should go exactly where they are most needed.

You can donate to FONDAMENT directly:

IBAN: DE04430609671239646002
GLS Bank

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